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The Gavel Drops at Sotheby’s
The auction house is under attack by hedge-fund activist Daniel Loeb, who wants it to start making lots more money, in part by refusing to kowtow to rich folks like him.


I was lucky enough to see a BRILLIANT painting show today at GALLERY NINE in Darlinghurst. One of the best galleries in Sydney, GALLERY NINE is run almost single handedly by the impressive Gallery Manager, William Sturrock. This exhibition Will has put together is just so up lifting and is very worth visiting before it finishes early April.


Sorrow’s Breakfast

12 March - 5 April

"Tonee Messiah’s work captures poetic and fleeting moments – a quiet gesture, a knowing smile, or a lonely instant. While Baudelaire’s flaneur traverses the city streets via it’s rhythms and flows, Messiah wanders through the landscapes of human relationships, making gentle observations on her way.

Messiah was born in Israel in 1983 and moved back and forth between Australia and Israel several times during her childhood before settling in Sydney where she still lives and works. She graduated from Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney with Honours in 2004 and has been exhibiting with Gallery 9 since 2007. Messiah’s work is in the collection of Monash University Museum of Art.

Messiah was a finalist in the RBS Emerging Artist Award 2010.”

Last Frontier 2014 oil on canvas 122 x 152 cm

Grey Tan 2014 oil on canvas 122 x 106 cm

Vertigo 2014 mixed media on cotton rag paper 75 x 57 cm

You and Me Don’t Equal Us 4 2014 mixed media on cotton rag paper 38 x 28cm

Gallery Nine

9 Darley Street


NSW 2010



Art14 London

This second edition serves up an international selection of paintings, installations and performance pieces from over 700 artists from 40 countries”


Art14: Art & the City, Olympia Grand Hall - exhibition review

Art14 London is spreading an exciting internationalist buzz with gallerists, artists and collectors from 40 countries

The rich spectrum of works covers politics and aesthetics, decorative and sometimes clichéd images; sculptures and installations are surprisingly minimal. From Benin, West Africa, Romuald Hazoumè’s Rat Singer: Second only to God! is a profound multi-media installation on recent drownings in Africa, while the South African Justin Dingwall photographs the albino model Thando Hopa to inspire others.”

via The Evening Standard

Digital Art Startup StillReel Turns Screens Into Virtual Galleries 

Online digital art platform Sedition has been the dominant force in the dissemination of digital art, but a new Australian startup could challenge Sedition’s dominance of the digital art market. StillReel is a subscription-based online digital art gallery that provides a curated selection of video and still art from international artists that can be streamed to any connected device, including smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets.

In a world where screen-based devices are such an integral part of most people’s lives – mobile phones, televisions, computers, tablets, etc – there is more demand than ever for innovative ways of personalizing and enhancing the screens that demand so much of our time and attention, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. StillReel promises to turn all those screens into exciting canvases for digital art with a catalog that goes beyond the traditional digital art genres to offer a wide range of intriguing digital artworks, including animation, digital painting, generative art, glitch art, interactive art, and visual music.

via Blouin Art Info Australia

A gif is worth a thousand words

The Google’s social media arm and the Saatchi Gallery have joined forces this month on an unlikely project: an award for artists that make gifs, the short, repetitive animations that are the internet’s favourite art form. And they’ve even given the micro-videos a much flashier name.The Motion Photography Prize, which is to have some suitably high-profile judges, including the film director Baz Luhrmann and the artist Cindy Sherman, will be given in six categories to users of a new feature on Google Plus that lets people create gifs quicker than ever. The finalists will get to travel to London and have their work shown at the Saatchi Gallery, while the overall winner will get the chance to go on “the trip of a lifetime with a photographer or filmmaker of their choice”, according to a press release. Not bad for a medium that is usually reserved for funny animal antics and celebrity outtakes.

via The Art Newspaper

gif - Simon McCheung, An Underwater Spell

China top buyer as world art sales hit new record.

Paris — Global art sales hit a new record high of $12.05 billion (8.8 billion euros) in 2013 with China keeping its spot as the top buyer, a leading art market data firm said Wednesday.

France-based Artprice said sales of artworks around the globe — which include paintings, sculptures and photographic prints — grew 13 percent in 2013.

The market rebounded after a nine percent drop in 2012 that was due mainly to a decrease in sales in China.

But China remained the top art buyer for the fourth year running in 2013, accounting for $4.078 billion in sales, Artprice said.

via AFP

"How the Biennale and related events are funded should be key public questions, especially in an age where far too many companies want to mask their dirty profit-making with shiny, artistic treats. It is our responsibility to demand better."

via The Guardian

ABOVE - Douglas Gordon, the Left Hand and Right Hand Have Left One Another. His work will be presented at the 2014 Sydney Biennale. Photograph: Douglas Gordon Studio

Radioactive days…

In the latest chapter of Artbank’s ‘Performutations’ video commissions, Justene Williams creates a psychedelic dance-off that references cubism, early cinema, atomic bomb propaganda, and the ‘radium girls’ - a true account of female factory workers poisoned from glow-in-the-dark paint.

With a practice grounded in art historical significance and the recuperation for the underappreciated, lost or disused, Williams inserts herself in the frame as a ‘folded form’ – a living, breathing sculptural object that is animated by refracted light, colour and movement.

I was lucky enough to preview the new show at Michael Reid today. Ham Darroch’s eponymously titled exhibition, brings together found objects, of a pared back palette which are then imbued with a finely rendered array of commonly used colour wheels. They speak to themes of masculinity, artistic process and a purity of thought.

I particularly liked the nod to Australian art history with an irreverent take on Sir Sidney Nolan’s infamous Ned Kelly in the piece ‘Gang’.

These works, from an artist with an impeccable pedigree, having trained extensively in Australia and abroad, and a protégée of world renowned Op Art high priestess Bridget Riley - would be a brilliant addition to a nascent collection, either private or corporate.

Runs until 22nd February. Don’t miss it. With works starting at AU$650 they won’t be around long.

Images from top - 

Ham Darroch
Swag, 2013
Oil on Canvas
250.0 x 250.0 cm

Ham Darroch
Circus (a/b), 2012
pencil and gouache on Slazenger Padder bats, suite of 6
38.0 x 270.0 cm

Ham Darroch
Gang, 2013
Casein on Spades on painted yellow shelf
60.0 x 104.5 x 27.0 cm (SOLD)

Ham Darroch
Colour Shapes, 2013
pencil and gouache on table tennis bats
25.0 x 40.0 cm

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